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Hi, I’m Nava, a professional blogger from Sri Lanka. I was doing blogging part-time but recently started taking blogging as my full-time hobby, passion, and career to show off my blogging skills. I’m having a master’s degree in Computer Science and Web technology and I got the motivation to start Bloggers’ Passion blog after seeing the success of some of the leading blogs in blogging and how they share their knowledge and experiences with everyone. Bloggers Passion is my virtual home, this is where I make Pleasure and serve the audience who wants to make a happy life with your pet dog. I share PROVEN dog care guide tips and dog training strategies that are working for me and I hope they will work for you as well. Unlike other blogs, I share real tips to help you to take care of your dog. I personally think that dog care guides blogging is a social service and the more you become happier, the more you become perfect.

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